There are many another browser for windows, internet explorer, firefox, chrome, and Maxthon. You can switch according to your choice.

Window 10 already have two browsers: The first one is internet explorer 11 and the second one is Edge. Edge replace Internet explore 11 as it is new browser also. It is avilable for the backward compatibility which is written for Internet Explorer.

Nothing stops installing alternatives, either as a default browser for any other purpose. you may use any other browser for Gmail to just reduce site tracking or use many different browsers for the different accounts.To get help visit Google Chrome Customer Service I use Vivaldi for most of the websites, such as Gmail.

I can also use Edge BBC iplayer for better work. Browsers are notorious resource hogs like chrome. So, I can close it when I am not using them.

Reopening the browser is means rebooting your pc. It is viable if you set the browser to reload tabs. The main advantage of the firefox, opera, and many others are doing lazy loading. After clicking on the reload tab you can click on it. It avoids a firestorm of reloading crippling of your pc.

There are many browsers, that are designed to profit the companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft firefox is almost similar to chrome in term of speed. There are many browsers that help to maintain competition and we do not want to optimise for a particular browser. All the above browser which I discussed is performed better on the window 10 and easily used also. Each one has some special advantage as compared to other. For getting more information contact with Chrome Support

Chrome having high speed for the search and also provide best web support, and it is much better than Vivaldi and opera. It is more secure in the sandbox. It struggles if you open many tabs and it is easy to interface. Firefox is as fast as chrome and configurable slow. It also drops down the list just by typing the website. It uses less space as compared to the other browser.

Firefox has lazing loading sometimes as compared to chrome. Chrome has many extension but firefox do not have better extension. Firefox has better add-ons as compared to chrome. Chrome many advance feature that's why it is not easy to customise but firefox is easy to customise and make it manual browser. For knowledge related to this go to this link Google Chrome Support

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